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Public Policy and Advocacy

HIMSS Public Policy Center

The HIMSS Government Relations team works closely with policymakers and policy advocates to address digital health issues. Our key issues focus on interoperability, cybersecurity and data stewardship, connected care, value-based care and public and population health. We educate decision-makers at all levels of government and make public policy recommendations on the use of information and technology to transform health.

Building a strong foundation of digital health is critical to our vision of realizing the full health potential of every human, everywhere. To achieve this goal, the tools, technologies and resources must exist so that every person has access to a long-term, comprehensive digital picture of their health. 

Working Closely with Government Health Agencies

Governments have put forward a number of initiatives to ensure that the right care is delivered at the right place and time. By supporting a commitment to healthy communities and connecting with policymakers, we can help create a modern public health ecosystem that will enable automated, interoperable, secure and rapid data exchange.

Public Policy Resources

HIMSS Legislative Action Center

Use the HIMSS Legislative Action Center to make an impact on integral public policy.

Take Action

Government Relations Team

Get answers to your public policy questions and connect to HIMSS members and chapters through the HIMSS Government Relations team. 

What we do:

  • Make valuable, sustaining relationships with government officials
  • Advise government officials on the direction forward for health IT based on staff and member expertise
  • Provide key data and background research on HIMSS' focus areas 
  • Responding to inquiries on legislation and regulations
  • Provide technical assistance for advocacy days in your state or in Washington D.C.

Contact HIMSS Government Relations:

4300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 250
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 562-8800