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IIP Collaborative


The Collaborative is developing a high-functioning, interconnected network with key partners to plan and inform the prioritization of issues to improve immunization interoperability.

Collaborative goals:

  • Strengthen relationships between IIS, EHRs, HIEs, clinicians, and state, federal and local public health agencies and other key partners
  • Develop recommended solutions for prioritized issues
  • Raise awareness to the issues that challenge immunization interoperability by creating resources to combat their impact
  • Drive adoption of recommended solutions that benefit the immunization ecosystem


Approach to Prioritization

In November 2019, the IIP Executive Committee, Technical Council and project team identified over 30 key issues related to immunization interoperability and participated in a rigorous prioritization process:


Conduct background research on each issue:

  • Better define the problem

  • Learn IIS, EHR and provider community perspectives

  • Identify existing efforts to address the issue

  • Recommend solution-based approaches to address the issue

  • Address additional considerations to each issue such as policy and technical barriers


Develop and apply baseline criteria to each issue:

  • Level of impact on quality, safety and public health, impact on EHR-IIS interoperability, and information sharing

  • High-priority issues for key partners (IIS, EHRs, HIEs and clinicians)

  • Severity of burden associated with current state for key partners

  • Feasibility of achieving consensus on, development and implementation of, a solution

  • Ability to effect change through policy and other levers


Identify top six key issues and conduct deep-dive reviews:

  • Apply ranked scores from baseline criteria to identify top issues

  • Convene the IIP Executive Committee

  • Gather additional information to assess current state

  • Socialize top ranked issues within the immunization ecosystem

  • Prioritize and plan issue work streams

The impact from the COVID-19 pandemic to the work of the IIP Collaborative included the need to re-prioritize through a new lens, resulting in the following launched priorities:

  1. Addressing variability in the handling of acknowledgement messages among EHRs, immunization information systems (IIS), and clinicians to improve the quality of information used for decision making.
  2. Promoting standardization of transport methods across EHRs and IIS.
  3. Helping to address challenges associated with multiple patients being identified by IIS in response to queries from clinicians through their EHR systems.
  4. Improving patient identification and matching to support information sharing and management.

The IIP has created a process of evaluating issues as trends change and new issues emerge in the immunization ecosystem and throughout the community and seeks to work alongside key partners in fueling immunization interoperability.


Multiple Match Query Workgroup

The Multiple Match Query Workgroup was launched by the IIP to assess current solutions to when a query produces multiple patient matches within an immunization information system (IIS). How this is handled among clinicians, clinical software systems (e.g., EHRs, pharmacies, etc.), IIS, and HIEs will inform the workgroup as they consider clinical and technical workflows, jurisdictional policies, and eventually, as they develop and vet recommended solutions with key partners.

Multiple Match Query Workgroup Members

  • Craig Newman, Altarum, Workgroup Chair
  • Aaron Taylor, Epic
  • Brittany Ersery, MSW, Envision
  • Christine E. Miner, CDC
  • Danny Wise, Practice Fusion
  • Deepali Rastogi, American Immunization Registry Association
  • Kristin Glaza, Steve Hill, Shannon Rose, Cerner
  • Jeffrey McIntyre, Mississippi Department of Health

Acknowledgements Workgroup

The Acknowledgements Workgroup was launched by IIP to assess current solutions to improve the way in which acknowledgement messages are handled among IIS, EHRs, (health information exchanges (HIEs), clinicians, and state, federal and local public health agencies. An Acknowledgements Guidance document has been developed and a pilot program has been initiated to validate and improve the guidance. The workgroup concluded March 2021 but will remain in communication as technical assistance opportunities emerge to pilot the Acknowledgements Guidance with interested partners.

Acknowledgements Workgroup Members

  • Amit Popat, Epic, Workgroup Chair
  • Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center , IIP Executive Committee Co-Chair
  • David McCormick, Indiana State Department of Health, IIP Executive Committee Co-Chair
  • Dan Chaput, HHS/CTO
  • Sarah Corley, MD, MITRE
  • Tiffany Dent, MPH, STChealth
  • Kim Gulliver, MS, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
  • Nick Harrar, STChealth
  • Steve Hill, Cerner
  • Melissa Kotrys, MPH, HealthCurrent
  • Susan J. Kressly, MD, Office Practicum
  • Christine E. Miner, CDC
  • Steve Murchie, MBA, Envision
  • Craig Newman, Altarum
  • Bharath Perugu, Office Practicum
  • Katie Reed, MPA, Gainwell Technologies
  • Katie Schwarz, Epic
  • Kevin Snow, Envision
  • Ted Stamp, Epic
  • Melissa Stockwell, MD, MPH, American Academy of Pediatrics/Columbia University Irving Medical Center
  • Gary Wheeler, Gainwell Technologies
  • Danny Wise, Practice Fusion

Common Standard for Transport of Immunization Messages

The IIP Executive Committee gained agreement on the unified adoption of a standard transport protocol to improve interoperability and information sharing among EHRs and IISs to support public health immunization goals

Read the Full Report Here

Acknowledgements Message Handling and Error Report Guidance

The IIP Acknowledgements Workgroup developed a Guidance document and pilot program to promote and validate the guidance. The workgroup concluded in March 2021 and will remain in communication as technical assistance opportunities emerge to pilot the Acknowledgements Guidance with interested partners. Email iip@himss.org to learn about piloting or technical assistance opportunities.

Patient Matching Brief

The IIP is developing an educational brief to raise awareness around patient identification and matching to support immunization information sharing and management. The educational brief will serve to inform:

  • Current national patient matching strategies to emphasize the need for faster policy change
  • Implications of the current unique health identifier ban
  • Provide unbiased education as a community of experts providing insight and consensus around immunization
  • Discussion supporting patient matching strategies

The education brief intends to present multiple perspectives from the immunization ecosystem including, but not limited to, immunization information systems (IIS), EHRs, HIEs, clinicians, and state, federal and local public health agencies.


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Learn more about becoming a pilot site, early adopter, or workgroup participant and how the IIP is improving immunization interoperability, information sharing and management. Connect at iip@himss.org



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