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IIP Testing and Recognition Initiative

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA), HIMSS and Drummond Group have come together to develop the IIP Testing and Recognition Initiative which gives EHR developers the opportunity to demonstrate and raise awareness of their software products’ inclusion of high-priority immunization capabilities developed through a consensus process involving experts and leaders representing clinicians, HIEs, EHRs,  and IISs. Undergoing testing and recognition is free.

ONC Approved Testing PartnerThe IIP Testing and Recognition initiative has been approved by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) as an alternative testing method for (f)(1) certification criteria within the ONC Health IT Certification Program.


  • Overview of IIP Testing Requirements document describes required and optional capabilities and related test steps
  • EHR developers have the flexibility of selecting which set of optional capabilities to implement as long as 90% of the optional capabilities are implemented
  • EHR developers can utilize the tests as methods to evaluate the ability of product(s) to meet the IIP requirements
  • Clinical providers can use this information to help evaluate differences among clinical software products and to catalyze discussion with EHR vendors

Download the IIP Test Plan

Benefits of Testing and Recognition

Organizations that have fulfilled the IIP testing requirements, as identified in the program’s Test Plan and Capabilities Guidance, will be highlighted by HIMSS and AIRA in related IIP materials, on the HIMSS IIP website, and through media coverage, including:

  • Supports validation of immunization-centric capabilities of EHR vendor products moving into implementation phases
  • Seal of Recognition to add to your website as well as a marketing toolkit
  • Prominent logo visibility on IIP website, with hyperlink to your homepage 
  • HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition: signage within your exhibition booth, demonstrating that you are IIP-recognized

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Capabilities and Guidance

In order for an EHR or other clinical software product to receive IIP recognition, it must demonstrate all of the core immunization-related capabilities, as well as 90% of optional capabilities.

The Crosswalk of Individual Immunization-Related Capabilities is a breakdown of the capabilities and guidance to test scripts within the IIP Test Plan.

Download guidance requirements

IIP Testing and Recognition Components

Capabilities contained in the IIP Testing and Recognition initiative are organized around eight clinical user components for providing immunizations to patients, as shown in the following diagram:

IIP Testing and Recognition Components

Usability Guidance

To support usability outcomes related to the use of immunization-related functionality in EHRs and other clinical software, Chickasaw Health Consulting, LLC (formerly known as “CNI Advantage” and a previous contractor with the IIP) developed three key guidance documents:

  • User-Centered Design Primer, which offers guidance on how to conduct a user-centered design (UCD) process in order to improve usability outcomes related to the use of immunization program functionality in EHRs and other clinical software.
  • User-Centered Model Documentation, which includes immunization-related content and user interface designs from business workflow requirements to enable the creation of functional prototypes through the use of the UCD model documentation. It also includes discussion on the use of the UCD model to explore immunization-related forecasting and data quality.
  • User-Centered Design Process, a description of use of the UCD model to explore immunization-related reconciliation and inventory management.

Current Activities

Pipeline Approach

A pipeline approach is underway identifying opportunities for strategic application between the recommended solutions from the IIP’s Collaborative and testing within the Testing and Recognition initiative. Updates to the Test Plan are made regularly and include efforts made out of work from the IIP Collaborative.

As the IIP evolves, additional capabilities may be added, with the goal to continue to improve immunization program management, as well as interoperability and information sharing with IIS. New capabilities will initially be optional and eventually become a part of the required set of capabilities.    

The following products have received IIP recognition:

Product tested: GlaceEMR Version 6.0
Passed without exception: Test Plan 5.5 (September 2017)
Opt-outs: None

Product tested: Qvera Interface Engine Version 3.0.44 Build 8640
Passed without exception: Test Plan 5.6 (October 2017)
Opt-outs: None

Products tested: Cerner FirstNet (Immunizations) Version 2 and PowerChart Immunizations Version 10
Passed with notable exception: Test Plan 5.6 (December 2017)
Opt-outs: The vendor chose to opt out of the following capabilities:
Produce Immunization Forecast Report Produce Population-Level Report

Vendor statement: Opt-outs are available when app is configured as a Vaccine Ordering Tool and Vaccine Registry Reporting Tool. App would query a user “subscribed to” database for clinical-based alerts.

Product tested: The Physicians – Practitioners Office Assistant Immunization Capabilities Version 3.1

Passed with notable exception: Test Plan 5.6 (February 2018)

Opt-outs: The vendor chose to opt out of the following capabilities:

  • Receive Dose Not Indicated Alert for Single Vaccine Order
  • Notify of Vaccine Dose Ineligibility

Vendor Statement: Capabilities listed as opted-out are available when the app is configured as both Vaccine Ordering Tool & Vaccine Registry Reporting Tool.

Product tested: TheVaccinator Version 5.2.36

Passed with notable exception: Test Plan 6.0 (February 2018)

Opt-outs: The vendor chose to opt out of the following capabilities:

  • Record Vaccine Administration Deferral (opt-out of sending only)
  • Notify IIS of Update From Adverse Event

Vendor Statement: HealthCareXchange will continue to work on implementing the outstanding requirements for TheVaccinator.

Product tested: Office Practicum OP Version 20

Passed with notable exception: Test Plan 7.6 (August 2019)

Opt-outs: The vendor chose to opt out of the following capability:

  • Provide Access to Patient Immunization Record

Vendor Statement: Capability listed as opt-out is specific to direct portal access; this will be available with the release of a new patient portal, iPortal. OP providers can print an immunization record for school, camp, college, specialist coordination and record transfers.

Get Involved

If you have questions or would like more information about the IIP Testing & Recognition initiative you can email iip@himss.org.



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