7 - 30 June, 2021
| Digital

Mr Yoong Kang Zee

Health Promotion Board

Zee Yoong Kang is the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB). Established in 2001, HPB is responsible for implementing Singapore’s preventive health strategy. HPB’s key programmes cover screening and immunization; infectious disease prevention and control; child and youth health; tobacco and substance abuse control; diet and food policy; physical activity promotion; and epidemiology and health surveillance. HPB is also Singapore’s lead agency in implementing COVID-19 testing.

Zee served in various capacities in Singapore Government (Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of National Development). He also worked for period in the private sector, where he was with Bain & Company as a management consultant, working on projects in the Heavy Engineering, IT and Fast-Moving Consumer goods sectors. After Bain, Zee joined Singapore’s National Trades Union Congress, where he founded NTUC LearningHub, Singapore’s largest adult vocational training institute, and the Employment & Employability Institute, Singapore’s main career placement agency for displaced workers.Zee has an MA (Hons) from University of Oxford and an MBA (Hons) from University of Chicago. He is a member of Singapore’s Workplace Safety and Health Council, Public Hygiene Council and the Board of Directors of Sport Singapore. 

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