7 - 30 June, 2021
| Digital

Mr Vasco Antunes Pereira

Lusiadas Hospital

Vasco Antunes Pereira is currently CEO of Lusíadas Saúde, a Portuguese reference group in the health sector, which is part of the largest private health group in the world, UnitedHealth Group. With 12 hospitals and clinics nationwide, including a hospital managed under a public-private partnership, Lusíadas Saúde has approximately 7 thousand employees in Portugal, generating annual revenues of approximately 325 M €.

Before assuming the position of CEO, Vasco Antunes Pereira was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hospital de Cascais and member of the Board of Directors of Lusíadas Saúde. With a law degree from Universidade Lusíada, several postgraduate degrees in health at Stanford University and IESE and an MBA in Law from Georgetown University, he began his career as a corporate lawyer and was director of the legal area at Hospital Amadora-Sintra before entering the private health sector, leading the Supply Chain department at José de Mello Saúde.

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