7 - 30 June, 2021
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Monica Kleijn Evason

Patient Engagement Advocate

Monica has been a mindset coach and trainer for 17 years, facilitating sessions around personal and professional development in schools, companies and hospitals.

She became a self-confessed “brain nerd” after two members of her family were separately treated for serious brain related illnesses some years ago. She is passionate about making practical guidance from breakthroughs in neuroscience accessible to all through her own down to earth, layman explanations. She achieves this through the patient centric programmes and resources she co-creates with neuro specialists from the UK, Spain and the USA.

Over Covid-19 she was part of a voluntary programme to offer support to medical professionals in Spain through the development of soft skills. These focused particularly on crucial conversations around grief and loss; compassionate leadership and the development of a coaching culture for both patients and medical professionals.

Life after cure is a struggle for both young survivors and their families, with an impact on family relationships and mental health issues post treatment as survivors transition into adulthood. Many can experience survivor guilt, post-traumatic stress and depression through a sense of isolation. Monica offers practical, interactive workshops and conference talks sharing coping strategies to manage the ups and downs of life after cure. Her book written with 10 young brain tumour survivors called “The day I changed my brain...” is due to be published later this year.

She is proud of her ongoing contributions to SUCCESS, a charity dedicated to empowering childhood brain tumour survivors as they transition into adulthood; and TEI, a foundation dedicated to improving mental wellbeing in school and in the workplace.

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