7 - 30 June, 2021
| Digital

Dr. Claire Bloomfield


Dr. Claire Bloomfield is the CEO the UK National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging (NCIMI) at the University of Oxford — NCIMI is Oxford’s revolutionary launchpad to improve the healthcare industry through the use of AI. The NCIMI consortium is led from the University, where Claire is successfully managing partnerships with 14 NHS hospitals, clinical leaders, industry experts, academic researchers, patient groups and philanthropic organizations.
Claire’s own research has been focused on Neuroscience and she has held research fellowships at Oxford University and the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Following her academic research career and before becoming the CEO of the NCIMI Consortium, Claire returned to Oxford as the Head of Strategy and Innovation for the Cancer Research UK Centre. Claire's role placed her at the nexus of cancer activity within the university community and the UK overall, affording unique opportunities to work on cross-departmental and pan-divisional projects resulting in raising more than 300 million pounds to further UK cancer research.
Claire’s particular interest in imaging and AI focuses on supporting the ecosystem to develop effective collaborations that generate value for all stakeholders, and ensuring equity and diversity in both the development and application of healthcare AI.