7 - 30 June, 2021
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Dr Allan Wardhaugh

Clinical Lead, National Clinical Framework, Office of Chief Medical Officer, Welsh Government
Cardiff & Vale UHB
United Kingdom

After graduating from Edinburgh University in 1989.Allan’s initial career arc took him from a broad general base into a tertiary speciality. Training initially in General Practice in Scotland, then Paediatrics in New Zealand and Wales and finally Paediatric Intensive Care at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He has been a Paediatric Intensivist at the Children’s Hospital for Wales since 2003. He was Clinical Director of Child Health for a number of years, overseeing a move into the first Childrens Hospital for Wales.

His career arc more recently is moving back to the broader healthcare landscape. As part of a team led by the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Allan helped develop a National Clinical Framework for Wales, published in 2021 and is now leading its implementation. The framework seeks to build a clinically-led data-informed 'learning health and care system' in Wales. Working closely with the team headed by Prof. Sally Lewis, the intention is to embed the principles and techniques of Value Based Healthcare at a 'whole-country' scale. It also seeks to take forward Wales’ ‘Prudent Healthcare’ philosophy into frontline ‘Prudent-in-Practice' principles encompassing shared decision making, enabling of self-care strategies and the avoidance of ‘too much medicine’.   

He has an interest in clinical informatics, and is Cardiff and Vale’s Chief Clinical Information Officer. A graduate of the NHS Digital Academy, he is involved in several national informatics programmes.

He balances work with his love of cycling. He remains a proud Scot, but his wife and four harp and rugby playing sons are resolutely Welsh. They are all resolutely European.

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