14 - 16 June, 2022
| Helsinki, Digital

Telehealth Workshop I: Creating a Safe and Sustainable Future

The telehealth landscape has evolved dramatically during Covid-19 with uptake soaring and a new spirit of acceptance among clinicians and patients. Video consultation, remote monitoring, mobile apps and other telehealth solutions have provided a safe and efficient means of caring for patients in times of crisis, enabling continuity of care while reducing exposure to infection. Moving out of the pandemic, the challenge will be how to retain and scale the best of telehealth, leveraging the latest evidence and embedding the most effective solutions into mainstream care. What will a safe, sustainable, trusted telehealth service of the post-pandemic era look like? How will we regulate it and evaluate its impact on quality, cost and outcomes? Starting with an inspiring view of telehealth from space, this workshop will convene an international panel of experts to discuss the practical challenges and benefits of large-scale telehealth implementations and to share real-world examples of success.

Session Details

June 9, 2021
09:00 - 10:00


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Mr Sascha Deutsch
Downstream Gateway Business Analyst
European Space Agency
Prof Roma Maguire
Professor of Digital Health and Care and Director of the Health and Care Futures initiative
University of Strathclyde
United Kingdom
Mrs Birgit Bauer
Patient Expert - Social Media & Digital Health Expert, Journalist, Speaker, Blogger
Manufaktur für Antworten UG
Dr Helena Dominguez
Chief Physician, Department of Cardiology
Hjerteafdeling Y, Bispebjerg-Frederiksberg Hospital
Ms Nessa Barry
International Engagement Manager, Digital Health and Care Directorate
Scottish Government
United Kingdom