Moving Beyond COVID-19 - Creating a Roadmap out of Crisis

Millions around the world have died of Covid-19 and countless more have seen their lives severely impacted. The situation has felt bleak at times, but with vaccination campaigns stepping up across the globe, the beginning-of-the-end is in sight – for some nations at least. Coronavirus is likely to continue to circumnavigate the globe for years but, through the power of modern science and technology, we are starting to significantly curb its impact. However, until every country has Covid-19 and its variants under control, the threat remains for all. A global approach to recovery is the only viable route - one where data, scientific advances and vaccines are shared across boundaries for the greater good. This opening keynote will take a positive look at what a robust, irreversible roadmap out of crisis should look like. Drawing on the plans and perspectives of experts from the WHO, the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council, Israel, the UK, and the US, discussions will focus on the immediate actions needed to steer Europe and the world out of the pandemic and economic crisis.

Session Details

June 7, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


  • CPD


Mr Andrew Miles
Head of EMEA, Healthcare and Life Sciences
Google Cloud
United Kingdom
Joaquim Cunha
Executive Director
Health Cluster Portugal
Prof Sharon Peacock FMedSci CBE
Executive Director and Chair, COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) Consortium
Professor of Public Health & Microbiology, University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Dr Hans Kluge
Regional Director for Europe
World Health Organization (WHO)
Prof Ran Balicer
Chair, Covid-19 National Experts Advisory Team
Ministry of Health