14 - 16 June, 2022
| Helsinki, Digital

Entering a New Era for Data-Driven and Precision Health

Personalizing health and care is a key objective for the digital transformation of health systems around the world. Precision health goes one step further: integrating various sources of health insights - including medical, multi-omics and lifestyle data as well as social determinants of health - to improve clinical and financial outcomes, accelerate research and promote a much needed shift from acute to preventive health and care. Precision health is the way forward, so the real question is how we get there? This extra step is pushing the frontiers of privacy and interoperability and requiring a new approach to data governance and professional development. Featuring real-world use cases, this session will convene a panel of international experts to discuss best practices in addressing these challenges.

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June 8, 2021
16:25 - 17:00


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Mr Yoong Kang Zee
Health Promotion Board
Dr Janne Cadamuro
Laboratory Physician, Department of Laboratory Medicine
University Hospital Salzburg, Paracelsus Medical University
Prof Kevin Fenton
Regional Director, PHE London & Regional Director of Public Health
NHS London
United Kingdom