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Virtual Medicine: The Future of Care Delivery and Care Setting, Hospital and Home On Demand Webinar

Covid-19 challenged us in ways we never imagined; however, it also made us use innovative thinking to ensure patients could receive the medical care needed. One result is "virtual medicine"; becoming a household name. Physicians and patients turned to this option in much higher volumes over the past year and medical experts see it as a sustainable option for many going forward.

What does this mean for the medical industry? The HIMSS Physician Committee presents, “Virtual Medicine: The Future of Care Delivery and Care Setting, Hospital and Home.”This sessionwill discuss future opportunities for acute care telemedicine, how home health devices assist in monitoring, testing and managing chronic disease care remotely and the cybersecurity requirements to protect patient data in the process. This panel of experts will provide insight from the perspective of ambulatory care, acute care and government relations.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize opportunities for virtual care to ensure continuity for chronic disease management with higher patient engagement and more efficient use of healthcare resources.
  • Gain insight of interoperability opportunities with home health devices and EMRs.
  • Discuss the future of acute care telemedicine and its global reach


  • Dr. Haala Rokadia, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist; Tele-ICU Program Director, Sound Physicians
  • Dr. Brian Levy, Lead Physician Executive, Cerner
  • Dr. Dhruv Joshi, Pulmonary and Critical Care specialist, Director Cloudphysician Healthcare
  • David Gray, Director Government Relations HIMSS

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