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The Role of the Chief Technology Officer and Cyber Architect On-Demand Webinar

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This on-demand webinar series in intended to provide insights into a variety of leading health information and technology positions through one-on-one recorded interviews with individuals in a variety of roles that align with the HIMSS Health Information and Technology Job Descriptions.

With the growing vulnerability of health data, the roles of the cyber architect and chief technology officer have never been more critical. Learn firsthand from this engaging discussion with Christopher Kuhl, MSIA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, chief technology and information security officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital, and a HIMSS member.

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Healthcare Security Forum

December 6–7, 2021 | Boston & Digital

Technology will continue to revolutionize healthcare, but the results will come up short if we don’t also secure critical data and protect patient privacy and safety. Now more than ever, not only do security leaders have to maintain their ongoing duties, but they are also forced to protect rapidly expanding, remote infrastructures from more exploitative cyberthreats and phishing attacks.

Get prepared at the Healthcare Security Forum

Originally published June 8, 2021