Laying the foundations for health data-based collaboration in Asia-Pacific

Building a framework for Asia-Pacific countries to realise the benefits of a shared health data space

Is there a need to share health data across borders? And if so, is this the right time to take stock of the health data landscape across the Asia-Pacific region, and consider the potential benefits of a common approach to data sharing – a framework in which key dependencies, challenges, opportunities, and strategies can be identified, pooled and learned from, leading to the implementation of an Asia-Pacific Health Data Space?

These fundamental questions provided the starting point for a multinational APAC Health Data Space Summit, held on 18 September 2023 as part of the HIMSS23 APAC Conference and Exhibition at Jakarta. The summit was attended by representatives from regional ministries and multinational healthcare organisations – all of them in a position to influence direction and thought leadership, and many of them reflecting experiences close to the front line of digital health provision. Countries represented included Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea. The event was held under the Chatham House Rule, and participants quoted in this report have been anonymised.

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