Professional Development

Framework for Success: Best Practices for Early Career Professionals

Where you are in 10 years will depend on the steps that you take today. As an early career professional, it is important to be deliberate in the steps you are taking. We will discuss a framework that can facilitate success at any point in your career, whether you are a recent graduate or you have been stuck in the same role for a number of years. You will learn tried and true strategies to set effective goals, network, and differentiate yourself in a modern and increasingly digital workplace. The lessons learned here will help you create opportunities for yourself and use those opportunities to propel your career where you want it to go.

  • Illustrate challenging, realistic career goals and effectively articulate those goals to others
  • Identify networking to both land a job and advance in your career
  • Explain ways to differentiate yourself from the pack to create opportunities


James Lincoln, Process Manager, App Ops, Baylor Scott & White Health

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