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Finland: Europe’s Digital Health Epicentre

Health professionals meeting around a table wearing masks.

HIMSS Insights Report Cover on iPadData has already transformed multiple sectors of society and has great potential to improve people’s wellbeing. The digital revolution in healthcare has provided innovative solutions that introduce more personalized care across the patient journey – from prevention to diagnosis and treatment.

Its acceleration over the last two years, at the start of which the whole world was caught off guard by a virus, has shown the power of health data in securing the safety, resilience and recovery of societies.

The development of a common COVID certificate across 27 countries by EU member states is just one example that demonstrates the value of collaboration. Yet so much more could be done. 

Some countries, including Finland - the focus of this HIMSS Insights issue - have already developed their national processes to move forward on this front. Recent studies by the Open Data Institute and OECD ranked Finland in top position, suggesting that change is succeeding. But a lack of common rules and guidelines on how to use health data remains.

Is a European internal data market needed? Even the largest member states in the EU are too small to tackle issues such as rising healthcare costs and ageing population on their own. When problems are collective, solutions should be too – and lessons can be learned from Finland’s pioneering secondary use of health data legislation.

The participation of both public and private research in internal health markets has shown that collaboration is key in driving improved outcomes, but the experience of Finland underlines the importance of keeping individuals informed and involved in the use of their personal health data. Digital health experts from Finland will outline the key success factors behind their digital health ecosystem at the upcoming HIMSS22 Global Health Conference in Orlando.

Learn more about the story of a pioneer nation, as the issue takes you on a comprehensive tour through the Finnish social and healthcare system, from progressive government legislation, via successful public-private partnerships and nationwide health ecosystems to the most innovative healthtech startups and companies. It is a story that should help readers understand why Finland has earned the title of the World´s Happiest Nation for the fourth consecutive year.


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