Population and Public Health

The Care at Home Journey Webinar

Join the HIMSS New York State Chapter on a strategic journey to value-based care and population health. Forward-thinking organizations with support by CMS and payers for this model of care are focusing on providing hospital-at-home care delivery. . Yet, many struggle to successfully operationalize this new approach or adequately prepare their teams for care delivery innovation. The following discussion provides an in-depth look at how to provide innovative care in the home setting.


  • Tina Burbine, VP of Care Innovation @ Healthlink Advisors


  • Dr. John J. Giannone, Virtual Health, UHS Binghamton
  • Sean Britton System Program Manager, Virtual Health and Digital Transformation, UHS Binghamton
  • Dr. Thomas Genese, Residency Program Director, UHS Binghamton
  • Katie Matte, MIH Program Director, Wellforce
  • Dr. Wendy Mitchell, Medical Director of MIH, Wellforce

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