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Accelerating Visual Data


On a special edition of the Accelerate Health podcast, we continue our series of spotlights on unique digital health startups that are changing the face of healthcare. Each of these companies were also featured at the hybrid event for HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

A big part of diagnosing a patient is taking a look at their imaging results. As technology advances within healthcare to make things more efficient, AI developers are utilizing models that process visual data. This week, we speak with Chooch.AI CEO Emrah Gultekin, who explains how their platform can rapidly ingest and process visual data from any spectrum, generating AI models in hours that can detect objects, actions, processes, coordinates, states, and more.    

Gultekin discusses how the company hopes to copy human visual intelligence in machines by broadening the approach of AI, instead of just focusing on vertical applications. The same technology that what would work on a construction site or retail setting could translate easily to hospitals in smart ORs. According to Gultekin, many believe that efficiency means lesser quality, but AI will help healthcare organizations achieve both.

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