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Accelerating Patient Messaging With Telehealth


On a special edition of the Accelerate Health podcast, we continue our series of spotlights on unique digital health startups that are changing the face of healthcare. Each of these companies will also be featured at the hybrid event for HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas this August.

According to the American Medical Association, the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the problem of physician burnout. This week, we speak to Katie Delgado, CEO for the messaging solution, OnCallX. Delgado discusses the uptick in physician burnout and the need to streamline provider/patient interactions to benefit both parties. Also, in the changing healthcare landscape post-COVID, she highlights the importance of virtual care options that focus on convenience for patients without sacrificing security and quality of care.

Delgado explains how one such option is through secure, automated, and HIPAA-compliant, on-call messaging solutions for patients and providers. This allows all stakeholders to send messages through a webform or automated voice system by cutting out the use of a third-party messaging service.

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