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On a special edition of the Accelerate Health podcast, we continue our series of spotlights on unique digital health startups that are changing the face of healthcare.

It is estimated that even post-COVID-19, 35% of all healthcare consultations are expected to be virtual. But not all digital healthcare is created equal. We spoke with Siva Nagalingam, CEO of Mediguru, a telehealth software platform that enables healthcare systems, provider networks or payer networks to set up a customized virtual care solution.

Nagalingam discussed their strategic approach to telemedicine that enabled healthcare organizations to set up a virtual care practice with a uniquely branded identity.

Nagalingam talked about the importance of patient empathy and addressing the entire continuum of care to tackle physician burnout and sustainability in telehealth. 

Nagalingam explained that many healthcare organizations were scrambling to deal with new and overwhelming technical, communication and image problems brought on by the dramatic increase in demand for virtual care during COVID-19. Patients were frustrated with the experience and organizations struggled to design a quality telemedicine system while serving healthcare needs at the same time.

He added that organizations needed to integrate clinical workflows with their EMR and bring a level of in-person engagement to telemedicine. Nagalingam said he sees this as the new challenge facing healthcare in a time of continued migration to virtual visits and higher expectation from patients.

In closing, Navalingam shared his perspective on the future of telemedicine and the opportunity to create a sustainable solution going far beyond a stop-gap. He explains the importance of a long-term vision for patient-centered hybrid healthcare.

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