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HIMSS Celebrates National Nurses Month 2022

A medical professional wearing scrubs and personal protective equipment looks at a digital tablet with an older man wearing a face mask

In honor of National Nurses Month, HIMSS is celebrating the quality care and advocacy nurses provide to positively influence the health of all individuals.

This year’s theme is Nurses Make a Difference. Throughout the month of May, HIMSS is highlighting information and resources focused on four areas relevant to nursing.

Week 1, May 1-7: Self-care

The first week of National Nurses Month is dedicated to cultivating and maintaining optimal mental health and physical well-being. Explore strategies to foster optimal mental health and physical well–being: Alleviating Nurse Burnout with Digital Health Tools.

Week 2, May 8-14: Recognition

Honor the work of nurses who lead, excel, and innovate, not only in our health care systems, but also in our communities, which makes them vital to transforming the future of health care. Whether you are new to your role as an informatics nurse, a seasoned specialist, performing research or consulting internationally as a project manager for EHR implementations, you know the exhilaration of discovery and the satisfaction of helping others: Informatics Nurses Forge Ahead in Changing World of Healthcare.

Week 3, May 15-21: Professional Development

Access resources and insights to guide you in your professional development. Focus on how you can excel and lead in your nursing career or inspire and help others in their professional nursing journey. Check out the latest issue of the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) – a free, international, peer-reviewed publication for key nursing resources. Nurses must have all the tools they need. To this end, discussions about the future of nursing center around the scope of practice, compensation, education/training, technology, informatics and nurses’ well-being: The Future of Nursing Practice Centers Around Equality and Informatics.

Week 4, May 22-31: Community Engagement

Focus on engaging with your community, whether virtually or in person. Educate members of your community on what nurses do beyond the bedside — advocacy, shaping public policy or serving as organizational board members, among other duties. Encourage them to support current and future nurses. All HIMSS members in the nursing field can play a pivotal role in in the transformation of digital health and take advantage of exclusive content, education and events as a member of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community.

HIMSS is also spotlighting members who are working to make a difference through nursing. HIMSS is proud to recognize nurse changemakers who are dedicated to accelerating our vision to realize the full health potential of every human, everywhere.

  • “Change in any form is hard to accept, but with collaboration and open communication, we can learn to adopt it.” -Ellen Joy Arigorat, Program Director, Nursing Informatics, New York-Presbyterian
  • "I support health equity by creating public awareness of this issue and getting involved with advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels through programs supported by HIMSS." -Chad B. Carroll, Nurse Informaticist, Northwestern Medicine Healthcare
  • "Everyone deserves a measure of health regardless of class, power, race, or prestige." -Sophia F. Brown, PhD, RN-BC, CPHIMS, PMP. Sr. Program Manager, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Today and every day, HIMSS is honored to acknowledge the critical role nurses play in elevating the patient experience, advancing care outcomes through innovation and fearlessly reimagining the future of health and wellness for communities around the world.

Webinar: Ask the Experts: HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community Roundtable

May 12, 2022

Come celebrate National Nurses Month by joining members of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Committee for this interactive roundtable.

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