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CIO Connect Equips Leaders with Skills and Knowledge to be Effective

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CIO Connect, a new HIMSS program with virtual and in-person learning opportunities over the course of nine months, provides aspiring and newly promoted healthcare CIOs with the skills and knowledge to be effective in their organizations. 

The inaugural CIO Connect cohort will launch on July 13, 2023, bringing together 50 participants through digital learning, workshops, forum discussions, networking, and mentorship. The program is viewed as a “must attend” because organizations with effective CIOs achieve better outcomes, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care for patients. The program, exclusively for HIMSS members, is taught by experienced healthcare CIOs and subject matter experts who have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. They offer the knowledge, skills, and tools to succeed as a CIO in healthcare. 

Core program topics include leadership, cybersecurity, digital health transformation, patient enabled care and experience. Focus also includes governance, organizational change management, technology and infrastructure, information sharing, financials and accounting, privacy, achieving strategic objectives and value-based care. 

With a deep understanding of these critical topics, organizations are better enabled to build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. This, in turn, would help healthcare organizations stay ahead of industry trends and deliver better outcomes for patients.

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