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HIMSS23 European Health Conference

7-9 June 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal

Experience Europe’s Booming Tech Scene - HIMSS23 Europe will address Europe’s workforce crisis and other healthcare issues, and serve as a focal point for pan-European collaborations and will also review the reality of precision health in the region.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum

September 7 - 8, 2023 | Boston, MA

The HIMSS 2023 Healthcare Cybersecurity Fall Forum will explore how the industry is fortifying its defenses today and preparing future-ready strategies for tomorrow. Healthcare cybersecurity professionals must remain focused on safeguarding patients, defending against attackers, and delivering business value while adapting to expanding complications. You’re challenged by vulnerabilities inherit in new technologies; talent shortages; and inconsistent governance practices for those who interact with your digital health platforms.

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