Women's Disruptive Leadership Summit

September 27, 2023 | Chapter Event

Southern California HIMSS is pleased to join HFMA, ACHE SoCal, HBA and health IMPACT Live to present the Women's Disruptive Leadership Summit.

Pioneering Innovation, Transformation, and Inclusivity in a Digital World.

Experience the forefront of healthcare innovation and digital transformation at the Women's Disruptive Leadership Summit. This groundbreaking event is specifically designed for healthcare leaders and professionals in healthcare management, technology, finance and digital health, embodying the core values of disruptive innovation, transformation, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Step into a world where accomplished women in executive roles take the spotlight, sharing their powerful insights and strategies. Designed to equip attendees with the tools and knowledge to propel their careers forward and tackle challenges at their organizations, the sessions feature trailblazers who have successfully ascended to C-suite positions. They'll unveil the secrets of their remarkable journeys, inspiring you with their stories of transformation.

This Summit invites all genders to unite as a collective force advocating for healthcare collaboration and championing the next generation of women leaders. The Women's Disruptive Leadership Summit is not a passive experience but a vibrant, interactive forum that places audience engagement and participation at its core. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, stimulating debates, and connect with fellow industry trailblazers driving change. Together, let's nurture a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the healthcare industry. Register now and join the movement revolutionizing how we think about leadership, innovation and inclusivity in healthcare.


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