Securing and Managing Connected Healthcare

August 25, 2022 | Chapter Event

In the connected healthcare system, robots perform complex surgery, voice commands to Alexa devices are used as the nurse call button, and HVAC systems monitor air quality in surgery rooms. Telehealth and Telesitters are being used and will continue to be used across health systems to minimize patient movement and enable care.

These transformative ‘hospital of the future” initiatives vastly increase the stakes for healthcare cybersecurity. Connected medical devices can range widely, and often run outdated software even though they are a critical part of everyday operations and patient care. Unmanaged and unknown devices on the network create even more vulnerabilities, leaving hospitals open to ransomware and other malicious cyber-attacks.

Every conversation about the future of healthcare must include a strategy for securing medical technology. How can hospital leaders take responsibility now for determining what is connected to their networks and take the steps necessary to secure every IT, IoT and OT device on them?

Session topics

  • Challenges securing connected devices
  • Responsibilities and collaboration between HTM, IT and cybersecurity teams
  • Security and operational use cases including asset inventory, risk identification, and device utilization
  • Practical approaches to zero trust segmentation for security and cost avoidance


  • Danelle Au, Chief Strategy Officer, Ordr

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