How IT Can (Help) Fix American Healthcare

October 19, 2022 | Chapter Event

Join the Montana Chapter for a presentation from Bruce Eckert, director of strategy with KPMG, on How IT Can (Help) Fix American Healthcare. Healthcare in America costs far more than in other wealthy countries—yet exhibits a myriad of quality and access issues. This presentation compares the American healthcare system to those of other countries in terms of structure, cost, quality, outcomes and access, and analyzes factors contributing to these differentials. Learn about the role of IT in healthcare provider organizations—as both a contributor to the American healthcare system’s problems and as a key part of the solution. 

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the structure of global healthcare systems
  • Explain how the American healthcare system is both similar to, and different from, others
  • Find data documenting how the American healthcare system’s performance—in terms of cost, quality, outcomes and access—compares to other countries
  • Appreciate and articulate IT’s contribution to the overall performance of America’s healthcare systems
  • Recommend actionable IT steps to reduce cost and improve quality of healthcare in their communities

This webinar has been approved for 1 hour of Continuing Education for CAHIMS and CPHIMS.

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