HIMSS APAC Health CMO Summit

November 23, 2022 | Conference

From policy making to workforce development, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) plays a critical and multi-faceted role in ensuring the continued success and sustainability of the organisation. Given the ever-evolving nature and importance of the CMO, HIMSS is presenting the inaugural APAC Health CMO Summit, which focuses on value-based care, data usage, connected health and workforce development – key issues that cut across the organisation and need urgent attention.

This summit includes informative sessions by thought leaders and subject matter experts, content resources and networking opportunities to drive a cohesive environment of learning and sharing, and participants will ultimately gain insights towards enabling better quality of care, improved patient outcomes and a better skilled workforce. The HIMSS APAC Health CMO Summit is the final stop in the year-long C-Suite series that includes meetings for chief executive officers and chief information officers.

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About the HIMSS APAC C-Suite Summits Series

The C-Suite Summits Series by HIMSS provides unrivalled potential to forge new partnerships while sharing ideas with fellow leaders in healthcare. Curated specifically for C-suite executives, these summits recognise leaders in healthcare and offers them a prime venue to convene and discuss the latest trends in the industry.

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Session 1: Introducing a Value-Based Healthcare Model: Navigating a Paradigm Shift
Although healthcare providers seek to transition from a Fee for Service to Value-Based Care approach and reap benefits such as lower operational costs and higher quality delivery of care, this process can be especially daunting when faced with issues such as a lack of manpower or digital transformation. Our panellists will speak about the means to overcoming these challenges in order to improve patient outcomes.

Session 2: Taking the Big out of Big Data
The importance of data in healthcare today cannot be overstated, with access to accurate and complete patient data the difference between life and death. As massive amounts of data are generated, it is therefore critical that data is analysed and converted into insights that improve patient outcomes. Our panellists will speak about the myriad of ways that data has helped their organisations, and the challenges of not only collecting data but making sense of it as well.

Session 3: Measuring the ROI from Connected Health Initiatives – What is the scorecard to-date?
During the global pandemic, Connected Health has gained significant traction with both providers and patients able to perform tasks remotely using smart wearables, mobile health apps and telehealth. Increasingly, genomics data has also aided in improving population health. Despite the benefits associated with this convenience, there remain concerns on issues like privacy, security and data collaboration. Our panellists will discuss how these can be overcome to ensure a truly enabling Connected Health experience.

Session 4: Keeping a Crumbling Workforce Alive Through Digital Upskilling and Automation
A workforce crisis in healthcare looms due to factors such as the labour crunch, ageing workforce and widening skill gaps. Healthcare organisations are under immense pressure to future-proof their business by embracing digital transformation and shifting the focus beyond just ensuring better patient outcomes. Our panelists will speak about digital upskilling by leveraging on technologies such as AI automation and machine learning to critically empower healthcare professionals and workers, leading to operational efficiencies that will alleviate the workforce crisis.


Wednesday, 23 November 2022

13:00 – 13:05

Opening Address

13:05 – 13:25

Opening Keynote

13:30 – 14:15

Session 1 | Introducing a Value-Based Healthcare Model: Navigating a Paradigm Shift

14:20 – 15:05

Session 2 | Taking the Big out of Big Data

15:05 – 15:25

Content Hub Viewing

15:30 – 16:15

Session 3 | Measuring the ROI from Connected Health Initiatives – What is the scorecard to-date?

16:20 – 17:05

Session 4 | Keeping a Crumbling Workforce Alive Through Digital Upskilling and Automation