Empowering Innovation: Unveiling the Crucial Role of Healthcare Providers in Technology Development

October 11, 2023 | Webinar

Providers are essential stakeholders in healthcare technology development due to their expertise, practical insights, and the pivotal role they play in delivering patient care. Collaborating with providers helps ensure that technologies are effective, safe, and well-suited to the complex and ever-evolving healthcare landscape. The question that has been on the minds of providers for many years is why are there not more clinician subject-matter experts working at healthcare technology companies; why are there not more providers included in beta-testing and validation-cycles?

Conversely, there are several factors that impact vendors relating to including physicians in their development cycles. Some of these factors are communication gaps, lack of technical expertise, time-and-compensation constraints, and many other areas. Vendors understand the importance and value of having a user-centric design; however, having physician SMEs is not always realistic in every development cycle.

The HIMSS Physician Committee has planned a webinar with vendor, industry and clinical experts to discuss the industry predicament of creating an all-important user-centric design.

Learning Objectives

  • How developers understand and incorporate end user needs and preferences when creating and developing tools that impact clinical workflows.
  • How can design and user centered design process can enhance system usability.
  • How can companies and health systems implement mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of system preferences.
  • How can physicians and other clinicians get involved in user centered design.


  • Deepti Pandita, MD, CMIO and Associate Professor of Medicine, UCI Health
  • Michael Blackman, MD, CMIO, Greenway Health
  • Rod Tarrago, MD, Principal Business Development Manager, Academic Medical Centers, Amazon Web Services
  • R. Ryan Sadeghian, MD, Consultant CHIO, MITConn

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