E-Health in Norway: EHiN 2022

November 8 - 9, 2022 | Partner Event

E-Health in Norway (EHiN) is Norway's largest e-health conference.

Our vision: to contribute that Norway and the Nordics are a driving forces in designing health services for the future, focusing on the digitalization of the health sector.

EHiN is bringing decision makers, the business community and the health sector together to talk, share knowledge, learn from each other and to collaborate. We want to create a meeting place where the business community and those who develop technical e-health solutions can learn from those who work in the health sector and the public sector. We believe that progress as well as the best solutions are made through collaboration and sharing.

EHiN's goal is to facilitate the conversation about how we can make use of the technology in a sensible way.

Join the Nordic Community at EHiN!


X Meeting Point, Kragerudveien 50, 2013 SKJETTEN, Norway

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