Digitally Enabled Care Models and The Last Mile Challenge

April 6, 2023 | Webinar

Digital care models are part of the clinicians current daily workflow and are top of mind as clinicals and their organizations advance and plan for the future of caring for their patients. As physicians move forward with incorporating more and more technology in care delivery, what is the impact on patient care, engagement and satisfaction? What is the impact on the physician's satisfaction, and what is the impact on their workflow? How is the data now coming in from several modalities being used? What are the outcomes?

The HIMSS Physician Committee is hosting a panel discussion on digital care models, discussing the points above and more. We invite you to join to learn more, ask questions and start to use technology to help physicians achieve what they have always worked towards, quality patient care and positive engagement, and having the outcomes from which they can  learn and grow. 

This webinar provides 1 hour CE credit for attending the full webinar.

Learning Objectives

  1. Receive insight from industry leaders on how they are addressing the gap in what the patients and physicians want from the technical tools they work with.
  2. Learn from challenges industry leaders have experienced with their internal teams and vendors while working through implementations.
  3. Take away possibilities for the future and start planning for options that suite your team and your organization.


  • Ali Khan, MD, MPP, FACP
  • Andrew Price, MD
  • Kevin Patel

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