Coffee with the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Task Force: Non-Standard Nursing Informatics Careers

June 7, 2023 | Webinar

Join us for a lively discussion with the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Task Force as we explore non-traditional career paths in nursing informatics. While many nurses may envision a career in informatics as working in a hospital or healthcare setting, there are a multitude of opportunities available for those with a passion for nursing and technology.

During this session, we'll hear from nursing informatics professionals who have pursued non-standard careers, such as working in academia, consulting, entrepreneurship, and government agencies. They'll share their unique experiences and insights into the diverse roles that exist in this exciting field.

We'll also explore the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in these non-standard roles, as well as strategies for transitioning into them. Whether you're a seasoned nursing informatics professional or just starting your career, this discussion is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration for charting your own course in this dynamic field.

So, grab your coffee and join us for an engaging and interactive conversation about the many paths to a rewarding career in nursing informatics!


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