Alabama Chapter 2021 Spring Virtual Conference

May 12 - 13, 2021 | Chapter Event

Join the HIMSS Alabama Chapter on May 12-13 at 12:00 pm CT to learn from keynote speaker, Darren J. Mott. In his presentation, Mott will discuss the basics of creating a cybersecurity-oriented focus that will help participants understand the nature of the cyber threats that are targeting healthcare institutions, how to address these threats without blowing an annual cyber budget and how to incorporate this focus into your entire workforce to reduce the cyber risks facing healthcare professionals.

Keynote Speaker: Darren J. Mott (FBI-Retired)

Darren Mott is currently a senior staff member for Quantum Research International and manages 50 cybersecurity analysts at the National Cyber Security Operations Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Prior to this position, Mott was an FBI special agent for 20 years where he investigated and managed cyber and counterintelligence investigations in Charlotte, NC, Cleveland, OH, Birmingham, AL, and FBIHQ.

He created several national initiatives within the FBI that included the first integration of cyber and counterintelligence-trained agents to address the evolving nature of cyber threats into national security matters. He has spoken to hundreds of audiences on cybersecurity and counterintelligence matters and is in the process of developing cyber-based training for educational, religious, healthcare and critical national infrastructure organizations. Mott holds two master’s degrees, one in education and one in cybersecurity policy and risk analysis. He also is the host of the podcast “The CyBUr Guy”, where he talks to cyber professionals and former FBI Agents about current cyber trends, past investigations and cyber-based news items.

Chance To Win A $100 or $200 Amazon Gift Card!

The HIMSS Alabama Chapter is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card for each of the six conference sessions and drawing a single $200 grand prize for those who attend all six sessions at the Spring Virtual Conference. To be eligible, attendees need to have the “phrase that pays” announced at during each session. To win the grand prize, one would need all phrases from all sessions. Please note, all attendees are eligible to win, but an individual cannot win more than one prize.

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