Advocacy Day

January 20, 2023 | Chapter Event

The two HIMSS Ohio Chapters and Ohio Heath Information Management Association have joined forces to bring the issue of healthcare information technology to the forefront of the political discussion.

Navigating the who, what, why and how

There is a complex interaction between policy makers and the industry that supports the delivery of healthcare. Key to successful outcomes is working closely with organizations, partners and health policy partners to educate decision-makers at all levels of government and make policy recommendations on the use of information and technology to transform health. Within the state of Ohio there are multiple core drivers. Three of which will be central to our discussion:

  • Technology remains critical to ensuring the availability of government operations and the efficient delivery of services to the residents, businesses and visitors in the state of Ohio. This includes all healthcare delivery organizations within the state and the impact on patients and consumers.
  • Fundamental to the strategy is the advancement and ethical use of quality health information through collaboration and contributions of health information management professionals within the state.
  • Advocating for healthy communities includes educating lawmakers and government health agencies to help create a modern public health ecosystem that enables automated, safe, interoperable and rapid data exchange to transform health and wellness for all.


Quest Conference Center
9200 Worthington Road
Westerville, OH

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