7 - 30 June, 2021
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Since 1986, DS MAREF is a company specializing in pneumatic medical equipment having various products lineup such as DVT prevention system, Pneumatic Tourniquet System, Cryo Thermo Compression system, Air Compression System for Lymphatic drainage and Hand rehabilitation exercise device and exporting to about 80 countries. In addition, we focus on the management of products and operating systems that meet not only technical skills but also standardized medical device standards around the world, and are certified by ISO9001, EN13485, KGMP, CE, FDA, CFDA, ANVIZA, and TGA. Acquired. CEO, Mr. Jai-Wha Lee has served as Chairman of the Medical Device Industry Cooperative Association(KMDICA), which represents most medical device manufacturers in Korea for many years, not only in the domestic medical device industry development, but also in promoting domestic medical devices abroad and G2G and G2B national Through the business, we have greatly contributed to the increase in exports. We will continue to do our best to promote the Korean medical device industry by informing the world of our pneumatic medical device expertise and further excellence in Korean medical devices.