7 - 30 June, 2021
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Dr Séamus O’Neill

Chief Executive
Northern Health Science Alliance
United Kingdom

Dr Seamus O'Neill, Chief Executive, NHSA Ltd


Dr Séamus O’Neill is the Chief Executive of the Northern Health Science Alliance; a membership organisation acting to promote and develop the world class life sciences cluster across academia and the health service in the North of England.

With a background in research (PhD in genetics), experience of clinical research and development (with the emphasis on innovation and its adoption in healthcare systems) and 20+ years’ experience of building teams, networks and now clusters, Séamus is a senior figure within the life sciences sector in the UK.

Séamus began his career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the NHS, before doing a stint as a post-doctoral researcher on neuroblastoma. He then moved into research management at the University of Newcastle and in 2007 helped establish the NIHR Clinical Research Network.

In 2013, he co-wrote the bid for, and then set up, an Academic Health Science Network, creating one of the most successful AHSNs in the country. He has been CEO of the Northern Health Science Alliance since 2019.