HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence

The HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence showcases healthcare organizations that demonstrate globally innovative, thoughtful applications of information and technology to drive and redefine evidence-based best practices so that others can learn, adapt and improve population health and patient outcomes.

Applying for the Davies Award

  • Eligible Organizations
    • Hospitals and specialty hospitals, integrated care delivery networks, academic medical centers
    • Independent ambulatory practices
    • Community health organizations
    • Enterprise clinics
    • State or local public health organizations
  • Required Industry Milestones
    • Achieved sustainable improvement to clinical care outcomes and population health in outcomes through the utilization of information and technology-enabled workflows, care standardization and analytics to drive quality improvement 
    • Hospital and health system applicants: Accomplished Stage 7 validation on one of the HIMSS Maturity Models
    • Public health applicants: Demonstration of public health benefits as a result of using information and technology for your jurisdiction

If your organization meets these eligibility and qualification requirements, email us to request more information.

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Organizational Benefits

What are the benefits of winning a Davies Award?

  • Celebrate success with recognition through HIMSS channels. We will use your case study submission to create a success story article that we will publish on our website.
  • Discover a new perspective on your organizational growth. The case study process will show you how much you have accomplished and where you have opportunities for further growth.
  • Gain powerful financial leverage for additional funding resources.
  • Showcase globally innovative practices for improving population health and patient outcomes.

The 2021 Davies submission cycle is open starting September 15, 2021, and closes January 15, 2022. To receive the Davies Award case study template and learn more about how to submit, please email us.

Davies Award Case Studies

Discover how healthcare organizations have achieved the HIMSS Davies Award and learn why their contributions are significant to health information and technology. Explore Davies recipient case studies and other case studies in our Resource Center.

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