Meet the Changemakers: Robert Roberson

Robert Roberson

HIMSS serves the global health information and technology communities with focused operations across North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Our members include more than 80,000 individuals, 480 provider organizations, 470 non-profit partners and 650 health services organizations. The HIMSS staff is made up of changemakers who collaborate with members to reform the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.

Robert Roberson is Manager, Facilities & Office Services.

How long have you been at HIMSS?

I’ve been at HIMSS for 5 years and 3 months.

How do you support our mission statement?

By providing facilities support to all HIMSS employees, giving them the tools that power information and technology. I support 14 offices, domestic and international, corporate and co-working offices. Facilities support encompasses lease review and renewal, new construction, design, development and relocation projects, repairs and maintenance, purchasing and distribution, safety and security protocols, shipping and receiving and much, much more.

How do you know your work at HIMSS makes a difference?

By receiving feedback from projects I’ve worked on such as construction build-outs, leases, comparative analysis, and more. Recently, I moved the Healthbox team over to our corporate office at 33 W. Monroe in Chicago, creating a new sense of teamwork and emphasizing the one HIMSS philosophy. Prior to this project, I managed a new construction and design build-out for our new corporate office in Denver. This was my favorite project so far, as I was hands on from inception, through the design and selection process, all the way through construction, finishing and completion.

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about the work you do at HIMSS?

I love working with every member of the organization, U.S. and international. I honestly love my job, I have amazing managers in Gavin Farry and Janella Kaczanko, and my job is extremely rewarding. I truly enjoy when an employee has a problem and contacts me for a resolution and I’m able to help them. It’s great being the go-to person for nearly everything, showing me how employees trust me, view me as being responsible, accountable and reliable. What’s a better feeling than that?

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