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HIMSS Supports Global Call to Action for an Equitable Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines

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HIMSS has joined more than 200 civil society organizations (CSO) in calling on world stakeholders to commit to equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

A Call to Action letter directed to all governments, donors, pharmaceutical companies and multilateral agencies urges bold and action to address the challenges of COVID-19 vaccine access, guaranteeing the equitable rollout of vaccines to all populations based on need.

Several challenges stand in the way of every person accessing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, including issues with supply, global access, delivery systems and ensuring vaccine doses for populations in humanitarian and emergency settings.

The letter, organized by Gavi CSO Constituency in collaboration with the ACT-A Vaccine Pillar CSO Representatives, calls for ensuring global equitable access to vaccines, increasing supply and availability of vaccines and ensuring country readiness for vaccine rollout.

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