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HIMSS Launches Japan Community for Digital Health Professionals

A Japanese doctor working at her computer in a Tokyo Hospital.

HIMSS is delighted to announce the launch of the HIMSS Japanese Community, the first-ever digital health community for professionals in Asia Pacific.

This community has been created with the purpose of enabling Japanese healthcare professionals to learn, connect and lead healthcare IT information exchange, thus driving forward digital health in Japan.

The inaugural HIMSS Japanese Community Committee is made up of acclaimed digital health professionals who are working together with HIMSS to help coordinate and guide the community with thought leadership through educational programs and events, as well as resources to help transform the digital health landscape in Japan.

“With the launch of the HIMSS Japanese Community, digital health professionals will have a platform to connect, learn and share their digital health issues and best practices with the aim of advancing Japan’s digital health transformation” said Mr. Tomohiro Kuroda, Chairman of the HIMSS Japanese Community Committee.

Learn more about the HIMSS Japanese Community and how to join.

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