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HIMSS D-A-CH Community

The HIMSS D-A-CH Community is an interregional group dedicated to helping German healthcare and health information and technology stakeholders from Austria, Germany and Switzerland network and share information and knowledge with other German speakers. “D-A-CH” stands for Germany (Deutschland), Austria and Switzerland (“CH” being an abbreviation for “Confoederatio Helvetica,” Latin for “Swiss Confederation”). Members can join their country’s delegations at main HIMSS events globally and at the European level, many of which have special German-speaking programmes.

The topics of discussions and programme agendas of the countries in the D-A-CH Community play a major role in their respective German healthcare markets. Most recently, Germany has attracted international attention under the Digital Healthcare Act. As the world of digital health moves forward, significant discussions have been raised about what people can expect when physicians are able to prescribe mobile health diagnosis and treatment apps, increasing the speed, consistency and accessibility of healthcare for German patients. The implementation of the EPD is inevitable in Switzerland, and a large-scale reform of the social security system is in full swing in Austria.

In all these developments, the following applies: innovations should benefit patients, and emerging technologies in healthcare should be made available to everyone. The D-A-CH Community has always set its goals for its events and regional community activities with this in mind.

Industry partners who support the D-A-CH Community have access to a broad network of German healthcare and health information and technology professionals spanning key markets in the German-speaking region, and an ability to gain visibility by offering insights into important industry-related topics and solutions. Beyond visibility, they operate as peers in the co-creation process by offering useful market insights on the status quo, pain points, trends and national eHealth priorities, thus closing the innovation gap in healthcare in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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