TIGER Interprofessional Community Event: How to Advance Your Career in Health Informatics

April 16, 2020 | Webinar

A challenge faced by many students and professionals interested in health informatics is the lack of clarity on where to start leading up to and receiving their degree or certification. One of the advantages of health IT careers is the sheer diversity and range of opportunities, but this does not lend itself to outlining a clear path for those interested in it. The HIMSS TIGER Initiative's mission to further global workforce development manifests in this webinar as a guide on how to gain familiarity on what health informatics careers have to offer and how to gain your footing in this rapidly evolving field. 

Presented by Toria Shaw Morawski, MSW, TIGER Staff Liaison, Senior Manager, HIMSS Professional Development; Angie Claypool, CAE, Director, HIMSS Chapters; Stefan Werdegar, Early Careerist Community Liaison, Manager, HIMSS Professional Development; Julie Nguyen, PharmD Candidate, TIGER Scholars Intern; and Jonathan Pitts, BSN, RN, MSN Candidate, TIGER Scholars Intern.  

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