Reinventing Women in the Workplace – Building an organization of diverse leaders

January 20, 2022 | Webinar

Women are proven leaders at work and home. Join us on this webinar to explore how women reinvent their roles in the workplace as we shift to a post-pandemic world. We’ll dive into how organizations address barriers for advancement, support DEI efforts, and build an environment where women want to work and thrive.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how women are reinventing their roles in the workforce as many faced major adjustments   during the pandemic
  • Consider the barriers for advancement and how to address them across organizations
  • Hear from various organizations that are committed to DEI efforts and examine their successes   
  • Understand how to build an environment that women want to work out



  • Leia Bradford, Program Manager, Strategic Communications, HIMSS


  • Jennifer Duman- Director, Channels, Cynerio
  • Betty Yen- Head of Payer and Provider Partnerships, Lyft Healthcare·
  • Meg Holland, Chief Operating Officer, Apixio

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