HIMSS Singapore Digital Dialogue Series - Episode 4: Achieving Value-driven Outcomes with the Use of Informatics

October 8, 2020 | Webinar

Episode 4: Achieving Value-Driven Outcomes with the Use of Informatics

The National University Health System (NUHS), which includes Singapore’s first HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 hospital, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital amongst others. 

NUHS has embraced value-driven outcomes that measure results based on quality of care and the costs required to achieve it. Explore their digital journey, and see how their facilitation of value-driven outcomes is grounded upon their development of an informatics solution to collect, aggregate and analyse patient data—using the insights gained to deliver value-driven care to patients across their network of hospitals. 

Key Points:
•    Digital hospital
•    Value in health
•    Value-driven outcomes



Prof Gamaliel Tan
A/Prof Gamaliel Tan, Dy Group CMIO, National University Health System



Dr. Charles Alessi
Dr. Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer, HIMSS

Dr. Charles Alessi is a globally recognized and trusted leader in health care. He brings to HIMSS a wealth of experience, particularly around health systems and the interface between healthcare, social care and the personalization of wellness. He is a physician in London, with more than 35 years of experience in all aspects of clinical practice in the UK National Health Service. Most recently, he served as the Chairman of the National Association of Primary Care, part of the NHS confederation, where he was at the heart of the recent health and social care reforms.


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About the HIMSS Singapore Digital Dialogue Series

HIMSS is proud to present the Singapore Digital Dialogue Series: a comprehensive look into the ways that digital health is driving Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem to improve the consumer and clinical experience. 

Building on the much lauded Asia Pacific and Australia Digital Dialogue Series, the Singapore Digital Dialogue Series comprises four structured episodes in which host Tim Kelsey, SVP, Analytics International, HIMSS speaks with healthcare leaders and technology experts from Singapore’s three public health systems, as well as Singapore’s technology agency that drives the public healthcare sector.