HIMSS Singapore Digital Dialogue Series - Episode 3: Improving Patient and Clinical Outcomes with the Power of Data

October 1, 2020 | Webinar

Episode 3: Improving Patient and Clinical Outcomes with the Power of Data

Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) is Singapore’s largest cluster of healthcare institutions. With a vision of “Defining Tomorrow’s Medicine” and a mission of “Innovate to Advance,” SingHealth is constantly looking at new ways to leverage technology and tap into the power of data to influence and improve patient outcomes.

See how data and analytics are at the heart of everything SingHealth does—from data for operations to clinical outcomes and more—enabling them to garner new medical insights to improve patient and clinical outcomes.

Key Points:
•    Data analytics
•    Data visualisation through dashboards and other analytics solutions
•    Tools to ensure the secure transmission of data



Dr. Charles Alessi
Dr. Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer, HIMSS

Dr. Charles Alessi is a globally recognized and trusted leader in health care. He brings to HIMSS a wealth of experience, particularly around health systems and the interface between healthcare, social care and the personalization of wellness. He is a physician in London, with more than 35 years of experience in all aspects of clinical practice in the UK National Health Service. Most recently, he served as the Chairman of the National Association of Primary Care, part of the NHS confederation, where he was at the heart of the recent health and social care reforms.


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About the HIMSS Singapore Digital Dialogue Series

HIMSS is proud to present the Singapore Digital Dialogue Series: a comprehensive look into the ways that digital health is driving Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem to improve the consumer and clinical experience. 

Building on the much lauded Asia Pacific and Australia Digital Dialogue Series, the Singapore Digital Dialogue Series comprises four structured episodes in which host Tim Kelsey, SVP, Analytics International, HIMSS speaks with healthcare leaders and technology experts from Singapore’s three public health systems, as well as Singapore’s technology agency that drives the public healthcare sector.

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