Get FHIRed Up with TN HIMSS! Webinar

February 24, 2021 | Chapter Event

The focus of this webinar will be an interactive and lively discussion on FHIR with three experienced leaders:

  • Seth Hobgood, Vice President of Product and Architecture Integration at Virsys12
  • Peter Shave, Executive Director of Product Development at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Darrell Woelk, Chief Technology Officer at Green Room Technologies

To start, the speakers will highlight the current challenges with limited data interoperability in healthcare and address a few solutions being implemented through task forces, accelerator projects, and industry organizations. Next, they will address specific clinical applications, technical guidelines and organizational readiness.

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Seth Hobgood, Vice President, Product and Integration Architecture, Virsys12

Seth Hobgood, a sixteen-year veteran of Nashville’s health care IT scene, is Virsys12's vice president of product and integration architecture. He is responsible for leading Virsys12’s SAAS-based products, V12 network and V12 intelligent provider directory solutions built on the Salesforce Health Cloud platform for provider network and directory management. 

Peter Shave, Executive Director, Product Development, VUMC

Peter Shave is responsible for product development and analytical platforms across the HealthIT organization. Using a roadmap-driven approach, he ensures developed products are aligned with VUMC strategy and industry trends. Prior to joining VUMC in 2016, Shave served as vice president of product development and chief architect at Marshfield Clinic Information Services, Inc. (MCIS). MCIS is an IT company dedicated to delivering and managing cutting-edge products and services for healthcare providers.

Darrell Woelk, Chief Technology Officer, Green Room Technologies

Darrell Woelk received a BS in engineering physics from the University of Kansas and an MS in computer science from Kansas State, authoring over 30 peer-reviewed papers in that field. In 2013, he became a key contributor to the development of the HL7 FHIR healthcare data standard and the application of machine learning to patient-focused, value-based care. Today Woelk is a recognized leader in machine learning, big data and standards of healthcare interoperability.