24 - 27 October, 2021
| Riyadh

Educational Programming

Looking Beyond COVID-19 - Accelerating Digital Transformation to Improve Outcomes, Build Resilience and Prevent Future Crises.

HIMSS21 Middle East will offer highly curated educational sessions, featuring renowned experts, focusing on real-world case studies, highlighting remarkable large-scale implementations, discussing outcome-driven best practices and sharing the latest data and evidence on digital transformation from around the region and beyond. These sessions - qualifying for continuing education credits - will explore:

Artificial Intelligence: From Evidence to Mainstream Practice

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already revolutionizing the way health services are delivered around the world: improving operational efficiencies, predicting and preventing diseases and co-morbidities, optimising and personalizing clinical pathways, improving clinical and financial outcomes, reducing clinical variations… the list goes on. Is adoption in mainstream practice keeping pace with technology advances and if not, why? Explore innovative approaches, practical case studies, and evidence-based strategies to better prepare clinical settings for the AI revolution and accelerate mainstream practice implementations.

Empowering and Building Up the Digital Workforce

With the accelerated digital transformation of health systems around the world, there is a risk of adding another layer of complexity to the already extreme demands placed on our workforces. As part of their manifesto to recognise 2021 as Year of the Health & Care Worker, the WHO recommends supporting their needs with improved conditions and more education and training. Explore innovative approaches and clinical leadership strategies to empower and engage health professionals in sustainable digital transformation.

Promoting Data Flow and Collaborations

Data collaborations across health innovation ecosystems are essential, among so many other reasons, for individual patient treatment, the assessment and monitoring of healthcare systems and the advancement of evidence-based treatments, research and drug discovery. Data is undoubtedly becoming the fuel of high-performing digital health systems. Explore exemplary initiatives from around the globe and discuss the role policies, regulations and governance will play in building trust and enabling a healthy flow of health information for meaningful use in the Middle East.

Pushing the Frontiers of Interoperability and HIEs

With medical devices, wearables and remote monitoring technologies playing an increasingly important role in delivering health and care services, we need to push the frontiers of interoperability and accelerate the deployment of HIEs to support a digitally-enabled continuum of care. Explore regional and global strategies for connecting individuals and their data with clinicians at the local, regional, state, national and global levels, while supporting collaborative care models, moving from volume to value and improving clinical and financial outcomes.

Data-Driven Health Systems and Precision Health

Personalizing health and care is a key objective for health systems around the world. Precision health goes one step further: integrating various sources of health insights - including medical, multi-omics and lifestyle data as well as social determinants of health - to improve clinical and financial outcomes, accelerate treatment research and promote a much needed shift from acute to preventive health and care. Examine how this extra step is pushing the frontiers of privacy and interoperability and requiring a new approach to data governance and professional development.

Building Resilience, Preventing Future Pandemics and Health Crises

COVID-19 took the world by surprise. What are the key lessons learned? An important one is the pressing need to build the resilience of our health systems. There is no doubt there will be more future threats to our health systems – viral, bacterial, cyber – are inevitable so the key question is how do we plan for any eventuality? While preparedness is the cornerstone of resilience, discuss how digital maturity will define our readiness to maintain provision of quality care in critical settings, share real-time evidence with clinicians and citizens, and mobilize the entire ecosystem to coordinate an effective data-driven, evidence-based response.

The programme at-a-glance will be available soon.